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World’s most dangerous airports

(Photos taken from Getty Images)

Some of these airports surely know how to scare their visitors. But for thrill seekers, those dangerous looking airstrips could be a sign of a warm welcome.

In Nepal, mountaineers usually begin their Mount Everest climb after arriving at the Lukla Airport, where the airstrip is located precariously on the side of a mountain.

At Saint Martin, an island in the northeast Caribbean, the Princess Juliana International Airport is located right next to the beach. Planes flying towards the airstrip will have to hover over beach hunks and bikini-clad babes before landing. Some of those suntanning find a thrill in seeing planes flying low above them.

At the Gibraltar airport, there is not much space for the airstrip — so planes have to fly pass everyday vehicles on the roads as well as pedestrians. Beep beep.

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